How I Became a Private Eye in Bangkok

Harlan Wolff Private Eye

The question I am always asked is how I became a private investigator in Bangkok. I typically put on my ‘man of mystery’ look and changed the subject as quickly as possible. Not because all of my stories contained deep dark secrets but simply because keeping confidences had become my habit. Now, more than twenty-five years has passed and suffering ... Read More »

A Man for All Seasons

Rain in Bangkok

The fictional phoneticist Professor Henry Higgins was known to burst into song and declare to Eliza Doolittle that ‘the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain’. Meanwhile, here in Bangkok, it runs down the back of your neck, gets in your shoes, and drenches you from head to foot in a matter of seconds. Another year has passed again ... Read More »

Peace in Our Time?

Man Dressing Nazi Garb for court appearance

A man appeared in court in Flemington, New Jersey wearing a full Nazi uniform and sporting an over-sized swastika tattoo on his neck. Naturally, his hair was swept to one side and he had the appropriate moustache. He was applying to the court for access to his children, which had previously been denied him. His story was first picked up ... Read More »

Why is fiction important?

Sam Spade Detective Novel

I was once told that the difference between fiction and non-fiction is that fiction has to make sense. Quite a lot of it doesn’t of course, but the fiction that has resonated and stuck with me throughout my life came across as far more sincere than any aged politician’s memoir. I have stopped reading the boastful autobiographies of old and ... Read More »