Where do Authors Come From? A Speech by Harlan Wolff

Author Harlan Wolf At the Bangkok South Rotary Club

Harlan was recently asked to give a speech to the Bangkok South Rotary Club and today he fulfilled that request. I think his words show great insight into the mind of an author and just what we can expect in the future from this talented new author. T. Bull “Distinguished Rotarians, Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for inviting me to ... Read More »

When did we become Nazis?

Nazi Swastika

My father served in the RAF during World War II, he survived a plane crash and being wounded by shrapnel. He flew Stirling IVs from a base in Suffolk to mainland Europe and, as far as I know, he never questioned the absolute necessity of the sacrifice of the so many young men he saw die so horribly around him. ... Read More »

Excellent Review of Bangkok Rules in Pattaya Mail

Bangkok Rules

An old hand in Thailand, Harlan Wolff is a Private Investigator (PI) who has worked in Bangkok since 1977.  Deliberately keeping a low profile, because of his work, this book is a breakaway from his usual under the radar life. Bangkok Rules (ISBN 978-1-62620-586-4, Bangkok Ink, 2013) by Harlan Wolff was released this year and was printed and published in ... Read More »

My Unusual Life as a Bangkok PI: The Swiss Sting

Bangkok PI

“I shouldn’t have done it. If my husband finds out I don’t know what he’ll do.” The lady that was crying on my shoulder was Birgit Muller. She and her husband owned my favourite Swiss restaurant in Bangkok. It was where I went for my comfort food. Bangkok was finally becoming more cosmopolitan and their restaurant was on a par ... Read More »