Stella by Sunlight

Stella by Sunlight

Stella by Sunlight – a short story by Harlan Wolff “It’s a fucking disaster,” Stella declared as she threw her paintbrush on the white tiled floor beside her easel. “I rather like it,” Bill told her as he came in from reading his regular morning newspaper in the garden chair, and looked over her shoulder at the finished canvas. She ... Read More »

Bang Bang Fever


Guns are dangerous because they go bang at the business end and make holes in people. That is what they are designed to do by the manufacturer. They are advertised and sold as tools to kill or maim. Guns are not toys. There is an old joke about a police detective that knocks on a front door and it is ... Read More »

The Journey to Becoming an Author

Bangkok late 1970's

Herman died yesterday and now all my old friends are dead. Well they would be, I was a teenager and my friends were all middle-aged war veterans. That was the tail end of the nineteen-seventies, shortly after the Vietnam War and I was in Bangkok drinking at Patpong bars all day and night. Lots of booze – lots of girls ... Read More »

Where do Authors Come From? A Speech by Harlan Wolff

Author Harlan Wolf At the Bangkok South Rotary Club

Harlan was recently asked to give a speech to the Bangkok South Rotary Club and today he fulfilled that request. I think his words show great insight into the mind of an author and just what we can expect in the future from this talented new author. T. Bull “Distinguished Rotarians, Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for inviting me to ... Read More »

When did we become Nazis?

Nazi Swastika

My father served in the RAF during World War II, he survived a plane crash and being wounded by shrapnel. He flew Stirling IVs from a base in Suffolk to mainland Europe and, as far as I know, he never questioned the absolute necessity of the sacrifice of the so many young men he saw die so horribly around him. ... Read More »