Thailand Footprint: Bangkok Rules …. a Book Review

Bangkok Rules

  Bangkok Rules …. a Book Review By Kevin Cummings on June 12, 2013 I finished reading Bangkok Rules, recently, the debut novel by Bangkok expatriate, Harlan Wolff. A good, quick read, which I completed in less than 24 hours. It is a familiar but entertaining tale: the hard drinking, cynical private investigator in a foreign land – the land ... Read More »

Death Toll 2: Hard Targets Released Today on

Death Toll 2

Buy Death Toll 2 Now at for only $2.99! ‘DEATH TOLL 2: Hard Targets’ is a powerful, pulse-pounding, crime thriller anthology that brings together nine exceptional authors: Stephen Leather, Matt Hilton, Alex Shaw, JH Bográn, Stephen Edger, Liam Saville, Harlan Wolff, Milton Gray and Scott Lewis. Hard Targets is a mission into the dangerous, deadly, elite world of cold-blooded ... Read More »

Mirror Man. Harlan Wolff’s ‘Bangkok Rules’: A Review by The Advisor; Phnom Penh’s Leading Arts & Entertainment Newspaper

Mirror Man. Harlan Wolff’s ‘Bangkok Rules’ Eccentric, jaded and fading ex-pats populate Harlan Wolff’s debut novel. But before you say ‘another cliché driven exposé of Bangkok life’ (phew!) read on. The journey may well be worth it. At the centre of this crime novel is Carl Engel, a private eye on the edge of destitution, who scores an apparent ‘lucky ... Read More »

The Poet: A Short Story by Harlan Wolff

The Poet - a Short Story by Harlan Wolf

The Poet Written by Harlan Wolff Harlan Wolff is the author of Thailand’s latest crime thriller ‘Bangkok Rules’ presently available in paperback and kindle on Amazon. “I’m turning tricks – I’m getting fixed – I’m back on Boogie Street,” he sang as he parked the rusty blue and white Volkswagen bus in the far corner of the nightclub’s car park. ... Read More »