The Stopover

A Night Out In Bangkok Can Be Murder

    “I thought it would’ve turned out differently.” “What?” “Life of course.” “You mean you could have been a bank manager or something?” the larger man asked as he raised two fingers to signal the bartender for more whisky. “The terraced house in Surrey with the fat missus and two kids?” “Doesn’t sound so bad.” “Focus on the job ... Read More »

An Epiphany Made in China

Made in CHina

Recently I had an epiphany. Not the didactic kind that you find in ancient Middle Eastern travelogues; this one was secular and made in China. I was watching a documentary on recent Chinese history and had reached the bit about The Great Leap Forward. Why do they have such ridiculous names for failure? The screen presented a wrinkled elderly gentleman ... Read More »


Sterling iv Bomber Squadron

My childhood memories are mostly about horses. Not some noble stately home with stables, but grimy side-street bookmakers shops with discarded betting slips covering the floor like confetti thrown at a doomed marriage. My father had been in the RAF during the Second World War and it had left him quiet and detached. He seemed to me to be a man that ... Read More »

Monfils Pictures Buys Film Rights to Bangkok Rules

Monfils Pictures

Monfils Pictures Buys Film Rights to Bangkok Rules I am proud to announce that Award winning film company Monfils Pictures  have bought the film rights to my first book Bangkok Rules. I love their work and look forward to the project. Monfils Pictures (formerly know as Boo Films) is an extraordinary award winning Film Company that has been produced amazing ... Read More »