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The Stopover

    “I thought it would’ve turned out differently.” “What?” “My life, of course.” “You mean you could have been a chartered accountant or something?” the larger man asked as he raised two fingers to signal the bartender for more whisky. “The terraced house in Surrey with the fat missus and two kids?” “Doesn’t sound so bad.” “Focus on the ... Read More »


Sterling iv Bomber Squadron

My childhood memories are mostly about horses. Not some noble stately home with stables, but grimy side-street bookmakers shops with discarded betting slips covering the floor like confetti thrown at a doomed marriage. My father had been in the RAF during the Second World War and it had left him quiet and detached. He seemed to me to be a man that ... Read More »

The Poet: A Short Story by Harlan Wolff

The Poet - a Short Story by Harlan Wolf

The Poet Written by Harlan Wolff Harlan Wolff is the author of Thailand’s latest crime thriller ‘Bangkok Rules’ presently available in paperback and kindle on Amazon. “I’m turning tricks – I’m getting fixed – I’m back on Boogie Street,” he sang as he parked the rusty blue and white Volkswagen bus in the far corner of the nightclub’s car park. ... Read More »

Stella by Sunlight

Stella by Sunlight

Stella by Sunlight – a short story by Harlan Wolff “It’s a fucking disaster,” Stella declared as she threw her paintbrush on the white tiled floor beside her easel. “I rather like it,” Bill told her as he came in from reading his regular morning newspaper in the garden chair, and looked over her shoulder at the finished canvas. She ... Read More »

My Unusual Life as a Bangkok PI: The Swiss Sting

Bangkok PI

“I shouldn’t have done it. If my husband finds out I don’t know what he’ll do.” The lady that was crying on my shoulder was Birgit Muller. She and her husband owned my favourite Swiss restaurant in Bangkok. It was where I went for my comfort food. Bangkok was finally becoming more cosmopolitan and their restaurant was on a par ... Read More »