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Bangkok Rules

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Bangkok Rules

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Thailand is terrified. A sadistic serial killer has been abducting young innocents for his ritual horror and the authorities are clueless. Carl Engel is an enigma. The blunt Londoner has forged a thirty-year career as a private investigator amid the chaos of Thailand’s political history. Struggling with advancing years and a decreasing workload he is approached by an elderly American with a lucrative missing persons case. The case descends into the sordid world of the elusive serial killer and a menacing web of political intrigue dating back to the Vietnam War. Carl must use his guile and experience to stay alive, find the killer and negotiate the dangerous military interests that lurk behind the scenes. Based on a real person Carl Engel lives in a world rarely seen by outsiders and hauls the reader on a pulsating ride to the explosive conclusion.

Bangkok Rules is the exciting new Novel by author Harlan Wolff. Harlan Wolff has lived in Thailand since 1977 and is a successful Private Investigator and troubleshooter specializing in major crime and serious corporate issues. His first book Bangkok Rules is a gritty and real account of a Bangkok based PI’s milieu.

 What People Are Saying About Bangkok Rules

Bangkok Rules! So does Harlan Wolff. If there’s a better thriller set in Bangkok I’ve yet to read it.- Stephen Leather – author of the international bestselling Spider Shepherd series and Thailand’s most talked about novel Private Dancer

Harlan Wolff has created a modern day thriller that uses to great effect the city’s unique character and undoubted charisma. A wonderful achievement from an exciting newcomer.” – Colin Hastings (Editor) – The Big Chilli Magazine

Amazon Customer Reviews of Bangkok Rules

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5.0 out of 5 stars Engrossing and exciting. February 13, 2013
By Kelly M. Bird
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
One of the best books I have ever read. The characters are realistic and the plot twists kept me reading straight through without a break. Mr. Wolff describes Thailand so vividly that the reader is transported into the story. Keep this author’s name on on your list for future buys!
5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
By Mark Everett
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I read the book in just two sittings, it was highly enjoyable and I recommend it to anyone who has spent any time in Bangkok or Thailand.The depictions of many of Bangkok’s hotspots were extremely vivid and even without mentioning name’s they were incredibly familiar. The author did an extremely good job of weaving fact and fiction together to produce an extremely enjoyable read.Looking forward to a follow up.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A very good read indeed!!! February 11, 2013
By MickX
Format:Kindle Edition
I have just finished reading “Bangkok Rules…#157; a new book by upcoming Author; Harlan Wolff. To be honest i don’t read a lot of books as i usually get bored quite easily but i have got to say i was hooked after the first few pages and found it hard to put down. Having never been to Bangkok the book gives you a great insight to both the beautiful & seedy side of life in Bangkok. The story, based i believe on the Authors past experiences as a (Private Investigator) in Bangkok over the last 30 years or so adding credibility to the content. I found the characters believable and brilliantly depicted, especially the (cat & rat.).To those like myself who don’t read a lot give it a shot you will not get bored with this book.I look forward to the next adventure of Carl Engle……………….
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  1. We were very pleased to add Bangkok Rules to our website. Love the way it conveys the ‘feel’ of the city.

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