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The Theatre of Illusion

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Holy Grail

The world we live in is a theatre of illusion. It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s simply how the world works. There has always been a ruling elite and there always will be. The tragedy is that they have become so transparently evil.

There is an explanation for this and it is that psychopaths have a far more efficient operating system than the rest of us. Whereas our ability to make decisions is hampered by conscience, self doubt and empathy, the psychopath’s decision making process is faster and far more efficient. The psychopath makes decisions based solely on whether something does or does not serve their own interests. Thus the psychopath’s path through life is uncluttered, and constructed in a straight line to their chosen destination. The more modern and efficient the world becomes, the more effective a ruthless strategy devoid of empathy clearly is.

War is one of the inevitable consequences, another is poverty. Populations are becoming more and more aware that something is terribly wrong with their ruling elites but feel powerless to combat them. The causes are not aliens, nor the cabals of conspiracy theory – the cause is a sick environment that favours those totally lacking in empathy and conscience. It begins with an inherited feeling of entitlement and ends with a financial and political system designed to serve overgrown schoolboys with ambitions as slave masters. It is not unreasonable to say that such a world is guaranteed when the essential qualification to get on the nepotism bus is being born with a silver fork in your tongue.

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About Harlan Wolff

Harlan Wolff is from London. He has lived in Thailand since 1977 and is a successful Private Investigator and troubleshooter specializing in major crime and serious corporate issues. He began writing after his 50th birthday claiming he had at last acquired sufficient ammunition for his pen. The first book in the series 'Bangkok Rules' is a gritty and real account of a Bangkok based PI's milieu. Harlan is presently working on the second book which will be published early 2014.

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