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No Country for Old Men

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The Horror


There’s lots of debate as to whether Trump is like Hitler, and whether Clinton should be prosecuted. Here’s a reality check; on the day of the election Donald Trump will be 70 years old and Hillary Clinton will be 69 years old. Trump doesn’t have time to start the fourth Reich and Hillary will be too old to jail, or dead by the time the jury reaches a decision. The election is starting to look like a leadership race from the old Soviet Union.

In reality what we are seeing is the last hurrah of a geriatric oligarch and political elite. People are living longer now so they are getting a few more outings to the bingo parlour than they used to get from their three score and ten. The rich don’t have mandatory retirement at 65. Like in the old Soviet Union, those desperately clinging to relevance are running out of cronies to back for president, so they use whoever they have left that can still get off the old people’s bus under their own steam.

Those that own us and our global economy are drinking Viagra Martinis and riding a stair lift to bed, so any concerns about giving the nuclear football to someone that can’t even work the remote control to the television set will fall on deaf ears. Those that own us have lots and lots of money, and if they can’t take it with them then they aren’t going. Trump and Clinton are the last made men of this very old financial and political mafia. It’s not an election folks, it’s Weekend at Bernie’s.

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About Harlan Wolff

Harlan Wolff is from London. He has lived in Thailand since 1977 and is a successful Private Investigator and troubleshooter specializing in major crime and serious corporate issues. He began writing after his 50th birthday claiming he had at last acquired sufficient ammunition for his pen. The first book in the series 'Bangkok Rules' is a gritty and real account of a Bangkok based PI's milieu. Harlan is presently working on the second book which will be published early 2014.

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