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What Makes A Conspiracy?

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conspiracy theoriesConspiracy theories make excellent novels so I spend more time looking at them than I used to. What makes a conspiracy theory? It seems that the simple definition of a conspiracy theory is an event where the relevant information and ability to investigate it is seen to be in the hands of the same people that the theorists believe perpetrated the crime. This is interesting and provides us authors with potentially great plots. It is not possible that all the conspiracy theorists are correct of course, some of them are quite mad, but it tells us that, right or wrong, they feed on the clandestine behaviour of others. Mind you, if you work on the assumption that even a broken clock is right twice a day, some of the theories may well be facts.

Go back to the Kennedy assassination and you will see that the people that benefitted from his death put themselves in control of the evidence and decided which bits were worth discussing. Any opinions or questions that deviated from the party line were not addressed but instead ridiculed. Any person that did not accept their conclusions was not debated but branded as mentally unstable. ‘We have a magic bullet and anybody that does not believe in magic is therefore insane.’ The existence of such Machiavellian behaviour is not absolute proof that there was a conspiracy to assassinate the president. It does make you wonder though. There is a rich history of illogical events that are not questioned or thought suspicious by the masses. The hideous Doctor Mengele said, ‘the more we do to you the less you believe it’s happening,’ well he would know wouldn’t he.

Osama Bin Laden was extracted and immediately executed, great, woohoo, let’s have a party. But hang on just one minute; we didn’t need to interrogate him? Getting a sworn statement from him complete with all the missing facts surrounding 9/11 would have stopped the conspiracy theorists in their tracks. Now I think of it, has anybody allegedly involved made a statement or confession about 9/11? It seems the ones that were not immediately executed were sent to Guantanomo Bay and held without trial so the media couldn’t ask them any difficult questions. Then it seems that after years in captivity during which they were interrogated by the best trained people in the western world nothing has been learnt about the event beyond what the American leaders told us on the day it happened. This leaves us a choice of whether to believe that George W was a genius and solved the whole thing over lunch, or that the immense machine of military, FBI and CIA are the most incompetent investigators since the beginning of time, because after the biggest investigation in history they have nothing additional to report.

Now we come to more recent events, the Boston bombing and the mad hatchet men on a London high street. Shocking events that got our attention and made us feel physically ill. In both cases the perpetrators were well known to the authorities and had been for many years. The conspiracy theorists claim that they were hypnotised, drugged, working for the authorities, or possibly aliens sent from outer space to toy with us.

As a long time private investigator I have formed my own conspiracy theory albeit unfortunately, nowhere near as much fun as aliens. If the authorities, as they have openly admitted, have been aware of these vile people for years and have not thought it necessary to act against them couldn’t we simply be looking at organised incompetence? Not a mass conspiracy because the ordinary investigators on the ground would not allow these things to happen if it was in their power to stop it. What if the brief they are provided with and the laws they must operate within have gaping holes in them, which enable such people the freedom to carry out these occasional despicable acts. What if all the politicians and corporations need to do to get the mandate to prosecute wars that will make them billions of dollars is to do nothing? Or perhaps, do just a little bit less than what should be deemed necessary. Hate preachers are left at liberty because of the need for free speech? Inciting crowds to commit murder is not free speech it is a crime and yet they are not arrested. Controlled incompetence as it were, like letting savage dogs live on the streets and then, when enough people have been bitten or killed, putting forward a new law to make the keeping of all household pets illegal.

I know, frightening isn’t it? It is much better to sleep well in the knowledge that our leaders are in fact just totally incompetent. The comfortable feeling that when they invade countries on a lie and hundreds of thousands die it was just a harmless mistake that anybody could have made. When total incompetence or blatant lying turns into the most profitable endeavour in recent history it is safer to believe they merely got lucky. It is best to remember when we see our Prime Ministers leaving Downing Street to take their places in the corporations that profited from their mistakes that it is just because they were in the right place at the right time and not something that was planned when they were still in office, it couldn’t be, that would be corruption and crime on a scale that would put presidential assassinations and hijacked airplanes into the realms of irrelevancy.

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About Harlan Wolff

Harlan Wolff is from London. He has lived in Thailand since 1977 and is a successful Private Investigator and troubleshooter specializing in major crime and serious corporate issues. He began writing after his 50th birthday claiming he had at last acquired sufficient ammunition for his pen. The first book in the series 'Bangkok Rules' is a gritty and real account of a Bangkok based PI's milieu. Harlan is presently working on the second book which will be published early 2014.


  1. Harlan, I watch with interest the truth about 9/11. The evidence is too strong for it to have been a terrorist attack from foreign soil. I am sure you would agree. The big conspiracy question is WHY

  2. There is so much we don’t have access to. Without information we must rely on history and patterns of behaviour. Does Islamic terror exist? Clearly. However, it is also possible that Cold War tactics still exist and counter espionage, misinformation, and the running of unwitting agents is the norm. What funds terror? It seems much is from Saudi and the Saudis are the allies in the fight against terror. It doesn’t have to be complicated to stink. Sometimes you just need to follow where the stink is coming from.

    • Yes there is so much we do not know and do not have the security classification to know. Cold war tactics are more than likely well at play and more so now that the Soviets have been overtly muscling up in the previous few years. Oh its all just one huge powerplay whether Govt or Terror Organisation.

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