9/11- Fifteen Years Later


Much was lost on 9/11 and it was far more than steel and concrete and three thousand souls, because that was the day power lost its mystique. The mere mention of September the eleventh is enough to get friends to fall out and families to cease talking to each other. Was it a conspiracy? Was it Arab hijackers with visas ... Read More »

Something Wicked This Way Comes


Once again we had to see shocking pictures of a five-year old child killed by a bomb on the way to school. One surreal composition; a photograph of a bright yellow school bag lying on the ground with colouring crayons scattered around it like body parts was particularly haunting. This time it happened in the South of Thailand, but even ... Read More »

The Theatre of Illusion

Holy Grail

The world we live in is a theatre of illusion. It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s simply how the world works. There has always been a ruling elite and there always will be. The tragedy is that they have become so transparently evil. There is an explanation for this and it is that psychopaths have a far more efficient operating ... Read More »

No Country for Old Men

The Horror

  There’s lots of debate as to whether Trump is like Hitler, and whether Clinton should be prosecuted. Here’s a reality check; on the day of the election Donald Trump will be 70 years old and Hillary Clinton will be 69 years old. Trump doesn’t have time to start the fourth Reich and Hillary will be too old to jail, ... Read More »

The Stenographers to Power

albert einstein 0012

Why do so many commentators claim to be post sixties Che Guevaras whilst backing kleptomaniacs and propping up despots? I think some people are simply weak-minded and so adopt a narrative that doesn’t require effort. There are still journalists and academics that talk about Milton Friedman’s free-market economic doctrine as if it is a religion, handed down by God. That ... Read More »